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Vijay International School, Baie St Anne, Praslin, Seychelles

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​The secondary section is home to a breeding pair of Seychelles Kestrels. There are only around 800 of these birds on Earth and we are proud to house a male and a female in our roof. They had their second chick in August / September 2016. 

​We will keep the site updated with pictures of the family.

Creole Day 2017

On Wednesday the 14th of June Vijay International School decided to celebrate the culture of our country by holding a Creole Celebration Day. The school accomplished this by allowing the students to dress up in traditional and cultural clothing.  This was a great opportunity for the students and teachers to learn about the paradise we live in. On Creole day we learned the traditional dances, recreated the traditional toys, learned how to play the games people used to entertain themselves in the past  and listened to our teachers speak creole (some for the first time)!

The early childhood started the day with traditional games in the yard and carried on with some traditional songs. They then got a little crafty and made some traditional mats by weaving pieces of thread with the help of their class teachers. The end result was a soft and very colourful mat they displayed at the museum the school held at the end of the day. To regain some energy for the rest of the adventure, they made some delicious pancakes to accompany their snack!

As we climbed higher up the stairs the primary section were up to lots of fun! The juniors did a bit of everything; they got to learn how to make traditional baskets out of palm tree leaves with the help of Miss Noella in Yr4 and a volunteer from outside. A language workshop was held by Miss Payet so some of the students got the chance to learn a few basic words in the native language. With the help of Miss Lindy the children learned some songs which were then sung in the whole school assembly in front of peers, teachers and parents, but more of that in a second. The junior section also got the chance to move their Coco De Mer in the assembly with the assistance of Miss Brunlinger, they performed a few of the traditional dances for the audience. The students, well mostly the girls, got the chance to braid their hair or wear it the way people used to and still do now a days with the help of Miss Rebecca and Miss Stravens. Let’s surely not forget the entertaining and active activity with Miss Prisca and Miss Marie-May; traditional creole games. I must say it looked very fun and extremely sporty so I hope that the Primary enjoyed the activities planned for them.

Not only did the younger pupils get to learn and enjoy the day, so did the secondary students! We started the day with different activities in our house groups, some of us first went to learn the Sega dances with the help of Miss Jourdanne who taught us the technique for the different dances and showed us how to count the beat. Then we moved on with some traditional weaving with Colette, she showed us how to make a fish with the palm tree leaves and also gave us some tips for the traditional basket peopled used to collect their daily fish. After that we learned some traditional sign gestures that had different meanings, then the lady who volunteered showed us what meanings the different tropical flowers we find around our island had. She then closed off with the different positions a handkerchief could mean. But that wasn’t the end for us, the whole secondary section gathered together in the yard for a…….. COCONUT COMPETION! The teachers had to de husk a coconut in the least amount of time and the winner was………Miss Marie-May! Whereas the students had to grate a coconut, we organised this by having the classes compete with each other to qualify for the grand finals. When we had enough people for the final the students competed for the best coconut grater, there was a tie between two boys, and those boys were…….Julius and Perry!

The activities ended at lunch time but more was yet to come! Once everyone had had enough time to recharge for more exciting things we all headed to the Ellen Sports Hall. In the hall dances were performed, songs were sung and teachers present their creole speeches. For this creole speech-off our two fabulous judges, Marie-May and Prisca, listened carefully to each contestant. The six teachers who participated in the creole speech-off made the audience have a good laugh! When all the teachers had presented their creole speech the judges had to decide who did the best job. Marie-may and Prisca announced that the winner was………..Miss Mullen! The day wasn’t over yet because once the assembly had ended everyone hurried to the canteen where warm, spicy and tasty Creole food awaited all of us. The day ended with happiness in the air and smiles on everyone’s faces, this was for sure a great idea which shall hopefully be celebrated again next year!

Charlotte Vanacore year 8   


​​​​​Welcome to the Secondary Section of VISP

The Secondary Section is composed of 5 classes (Year 7 – Year 11), catering for approximately 75 students.

Our growing team of staff ensure all students succeed in the secondary section. We hope to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment that allows all students to not only leave with IGCSEs but to also be prepared for life after school and to ensure their future studies and professional lives are successful. We have had some fantastic results from students that reflect the hard work of all our students and staff.

Year 7 Tutor: Mr Baker
Year 8 Tutor: Mrs Sam
Year 9 Tutor: Mr Bell
Year 10 Tutor: Miss Dye
Year 11 Tutor: Mr Rafferty

Head of Section: Mrs McBride

Subject teachers: Mr Howell, Mr Cross, Mrs Dione, Mrs Bell, Mrs Baker, Mrs Cross, Mr Baker, Miss Perla, Miss Arlene, Mr James.

Additional support: Mr Dave, Mrs Stravens, Mrs Rose.

The School Day

8.00 am     Tutor time commences
8.15 am     End of tutor time – Start of Period 1
8.55am     Period 2
9.30am Period 3
10.05am Break time
10.25am Period 4
11.05am Period 5
11.45am Period 6
12.25pm Lunch time
(12.35 - 1.05 - Lunch Clubs)
1.05pm Period 7
1.45pm Period 8
2.30-3.00pm Clubs (Tuesday to Friday)

Secondary students are expected to arrive promptly to tutor time and all lessons each day. If for any reason a student arrives late to school or leaves early during the day they should sign in/out at the office. A student should never leave school without a valid reason/note from home, they should speak to either their tutor or Miss Mullen before signing out.

Uniform and PE kit
Students can purchase their uniform (blue shorts/skirt and white t-shirt) from the library between 8am – 9am. Children are expected to come to school dressed in the uniform and they are expected to keep their uniform clean and presentable. Students must wear appropriate footwear throughout the school day. Students can also purchase their PE kit (house team shirt) from the library. Children are expected to wear trainers, shorts, PE shirt for all PE lessons. They are then expected to change back into their regular uniform for the remainder of the day

Recycling Challenge

Mme Salmi and the School Council have initiated a recycling challenge that has snowballed into something of a craze with nearly 3000 PET bottles and cans being recycled in the last 3 weeks. The leading house is Aldabra although Fregate and Desroches are close behind.

House Sports Challenge

We have been liberated this year by the completion of our new Sports Hall which will enrich the P.E. experience for our students greatly. Our sports challenge for this half term is Football and Volleyball with approximately half of the students in the section competing. The preliminary rounds will take place during P.E. lessons with Mr Baker and during badminton club with Mr. Cross. The house champions will then compete in the last week of the half-term to decide the champion boy, champion girl and  champion mixed double pairing.


We are pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of clubs this term including Art, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Eco Club, Football, Games, Maths, Model Geography, Netball and Swimming. These clubs take place after school or at lunch time. They are keenly attended by the majority of students.