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Medlink Conference, Nottingham university, December 2015

December 2015 saw two aspiring medical students from VISP pack their bags and head to England to attend a privately organised conference which focused on studying and preparing for  Medicine at British universities. With the help of Mr Cross  both both in Seychelles and on English soil the students attended the (far colder than Seychelles!) course, below are their thoughts on their experiences:

MedLink by Alyssa
Attending the MedLink conference was not something which I had envisioned. The 5 days spent at Nottingham universities attending lectures and seminars were incredibly beneficial. I’ve been absolutely certain for about 8 years now that I want a career in medicine. But despite that, MedLink helped a great deal in assuring that I chose the best career path for myself.
The conference focussed profoundly on areas such as; work experience, exam preparation, applying to university and writing personal statements. But other aspects were covered as well. Staying on campus showed me what to expect from university life and it also made me realise that attending the best university won’t necessarily ensure the best outcome. It’s essential to be in an environment which has provides a balance between work and relaxation.
The most intriguing session was by far the Edge Session as it covered many aspects in one. Learning about someone’s struggle really taught me that determination and perseverance are key in getting to where you want to be.
The MedLink team organised the conference incredibly well; they ensured that they covered as many aspects as possible in such a limited amount of time. They gave students a chance to express their views, share opinions, develop ideas and expand their knowledge.
The conference gave us the unique opportunity of having a live interview which was filmed so that it can be sent to universities. This will be useful in increasing the chances of students even being offered an interview. But just the idea of it is enough to boost someone’s confidence which is absolutely vital when doing your A-levels.
I would say that so far, MedLink has been the most valuable experience I’ve had. It has helped me in so many different aspects which can sometimes be thought of as unimportant. But it’s those minor issues which sometimes have a bigger impact on decision-making.
I would recommend MedLink to anyone considering doing medicine as a career. The conference is a good way of learning more about specialities as well as ways in which we can help in making people’s lives better.

Medlink by Brigitte
The Medlink conference lasted for 5 days and it helped to expand my knowledge upon Medical courses offered in Universities, revision techniques and the life of a medic.
Every day would involve attending lectures which were instructed by medics themselves about the different fields a medical student could one day specialise in. As I’d one day like to specialise in Oncology, I found it very motivating and resourceful.
The lecture which had the most influence on me was the EDGE SESSION by Dr. James Ridgeway. Dr Ridgeway spoke about ways upon how you can stand out from other applicants, the benefits of work experience and being confident in interviews. Dr Ridgeway has a touching story about how he made it to where he is now and it taught me a great deal upon self-confidence. He has an incredible way of relating to students, who were all about a third of his age, and got us all laughing and fully awake during the entire lecture.
I attended the Medlink Conference which was a prominent way of learning about the different medical universities which I could one day apply to. I got a unique chance of asking questions to admission tutors directly and purchasing textbooks which can help me with the UKCAT. Many of the universities require different admission grades which are very obliging if I don’t meet the requirements of some medical universities.Ultimately this was the most unsurpassed experience for me and I’ve gained so much confidence and understanding upon the career field that I’ve always dreamt of one day working in. I got to meet so many wonderful and friendly A-Level students like myself who are as motivated and ambitious as me of one day becoming a medic. I’m still in contact with many of these students and we like to keep updated on each other’s progress and share ideas upon the medical field. 

​​The 2015 VISP sports days was held on the 27th of April and enjoyed by all those who attended. Frigate were the winners with Aldabra coming in a close second. Everyone worked really hard and the supporters in the stands were particularly noisy!! 

New school records were set by Noah Labuschagne, Benny Lesperance, Dorian Le Bihan, Christine Mothee, Marvin Rose, Jahnila Brioche, Perry Pointe, Amanda Esther, Rona Pirame, Praveen Padayachy and the secondary boys relay team. This meant that despite the big Aldabra lead on day one, Fregate were slowly able to close the gap throughout the day, eventually winning by an amazingly low margin of 5 points.

Sports Day

​By Arthur Turcotte

​​At around 9.30, an extra-long assembly for the whole school was held. We celebrated reading with a prize giving where trophies and certificates were handed out to the students who were good at reading.  We were also treated to a small snippet of the school play and Yr 4 were asked to read out some of their poems they had been working on during their literacy lessons.

There was also show put on by the teachers which was very funny about a lion, a tin man and a scarecrow. A special mention goes to Mr O’Dowd who was spraying water on everybody which was particularly good. The show was very well received and everyone cheered and applauded. This was followed by a performance with Mr Kennedy, who was a magician and Mr O’Dowd, his faithful assistant. Mr Kennedy placed Mr O’Dowd into a box and cut him in half with a chainsaw. Everyone was scared but in the end, Mr O’Dowd was un-harmed and everybody was happy and applauded.

We then finished our assembly and went back to our normal classes. 

​​to mark the occasion. Most people came in costume and there was a great effort made by all. It was good to see the teachers dressed up, as some of their costumes were very funny, while others were quite scary! Overall, everyone made a really good effort and all should be proud!

During the day, several competitions were held including 'best dressed potato', 'Match the Teacher to their favourite childhood book Quiz' and of course, best dressed pupil and teacher competition.

​​On Thursday the 5th of March, there was a world book day celebration at ViJay International School.  Pupils and Staff were asked to dress up as a character from a book

World Book Day

​By Arthur Turcotte