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                          You are not born for yourself...but for the world

Vijay International School, Baie St Anne, Praslin, Seychelles

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Student ambassador programme

The new Student Ambassador Programme promotes the school' aims and ethos: "You are not born for yourself but for others". Students participate in various activities around the school to support staff in delivering workshops to younger students. This may involve helping out at break or homework clubs, reading to younger students, attending school trips, helping out in events etc.

Cross section lunch times

Every day is allocated to a student who is doing a-levels. This is a great opportunity for younger and older students to interact with each other. We spend 20 minutes monitoring the Y1 lunches or the reception kids. Just watching them play at lunch also helps the sixth form take an active role in the school community. Thanks to the Student Ambassadors Programme, sixth formers have the opportunity to deepen their ties with the school and its students.

Outdoor Games club -

Every Thursday from 2:00 until 2:30, we help the outdoor games club which consists of students from year 2 to year 4. This is a role that we have chosen to do as a Student Ambassador to give back to our school and help in as many ways as possible. Working with younger children, it is great to see friendly competition pushing them to work better and harder in order to win. We were surprised to see the level of encouragement and support coming from the teammates. We helped the children play games such as kick rounders and hand ball.

Trishia Labiche, Head Girl and Julius Bossy, Head Boy.

danio's photography club

As part of the Student Ambassador Program, sixth-form year 13 student Danio Jeanne is now hosting and running his very own Photography Club for the first time. Running a club and keeping up with lessons can be tough especially since Danio is a sixth-former and has a lot of key decisions while studying at this time in his life. Despite this, Danio volunteered to create his own club for his fellow students and says “It’s always exciting to teach kids about something you feel so passionate about and I am thrilled at the opportunity”. Even if they are a new club, they have already covered landscape photos and photo editing which were both very successful. One student named Ethan Levy we interviewed said that he “enjoyed being a part of this small group and was looking forward to learning about photo perspectives and Photoshop”. This future Photographer was inspired to follow photography by his father and Danio had the opportunity to do the same and inspire more young people through his club. It is something that allowed students to band together under a common interest and resulted in some amazing art work.

Contributed by Rasika (Y12)


duke of edinburgh reflection

After 9 months of hard work and dedication it was finally time for our final qualifying
journey for the bronze award. The weather was spectacular compared to the previous few
days. We had to walk from Anse-bouddin back to Vijay International School, Praslin (VISP). It
was a total of 9 Km and we expected to complete it in 2 hours and 30 minutes. In total there
were 10 of us on the qualifying journey (9 from VISP and 1 student from the Grand-Anse
secondary school) and we were all exited. We started walking at about 1315 and we
reached the school at about 1530. We were on target for our walking so we were very
proud of ourselves. During our walk we realised how some parts of Praslin Island were
suffering because of pollution. As this was our topic we had to research during the walk we
realised how carelessness was affecting the natural beauty and ecosystem of the Island. This
is a growing challenge for environmental conservation on Praslin.
After we entered the school we immediately took of our bags and rested while drinking
water. Some of us even lay down on the floor. We set our bags aside in the neat pile and
after about 20 minutes we went to set up our tents. We set up the tents as to protocol with
girls on one side and boys on the other. After that we played volleyball for about 30 minutes
with the girls winning one game and the boys another. The match was very interesting. We
then went and collected fire wood and we were very lucky that there were lots of trees
around so it wasn’t hard to find dry wood. As a group we then decided that we should start
cooking at around 1745 so there was still 30 minutes left. To entertain our worn out minds
we decided to play a few games. These games were hilarious and at 1745 we started our
fire. We were still in the same teams as the pre-qualifying journey and the food was still the
same (tuna with pasta) but we were determined to make it taste better.
After a successful hour of cooking we first cleaned all our pots and pans and then settled
down to eat our feast. The food was good if you ate it with a bit of tomato sauce which we
had. We all then went to clean our plates. After that we relaxed and talked for a while. The
10 of us were confused on whether we were allowed to shower or not but then we decided
to have our shower because we remembered that we had to maintain our hygiene during
the journey. After a well deserved shower we all played card games and at about 2230 we
retired to our tents. A few of us were asleep instantly (we knew this because they were
snoring) while a few of us stayed awake and continued talking to each other. By 0130 in the
morning we all went to sleep knowing that we had to wake up in the next 3 hours.
It was an early start for us because we had to wake up at 0500. We all woke up and groggily
walked onto the school field where we did a few stretches and exercises which was led by 1
of the students. After that we went and brushed our teeth and immediately went to start
our fire. We had to start our walking at 0700 so we were in a bit of a rush. Again the food
was the same as the pre-qualifying journey (sausages and crackers) but we all cooked
together instead of in 2 different teams because all we had to do was to fry sausages and we decided that we would also all share the sausages. We also decided that some of us would
pack up the tents while some of us cooked the food. After frying the sausages we put out
the fire and sat down to eat. We ate like hungry wolves and after that we cleaned up all the
dishes. Immediately after that we made of final preparations and packed up everything. We
then had a small meeting with the Seychelles DoE director who also challenged us to
complete the final part of our journey in under an hour and then we started our walk.
We started walking at around 0710. We had to walk from our school to a hotel that was up
the mountain. It was only 2 kilometers away but the terrain was hard because it was steep.
Still we all managed to complete the walk in under 30 minutes which was awesome. After
taking off our bags and drinking water we had a small meeting in which we reflected on our
journey. All the coordinators were impressed with our skill level and achievements that they
said we earned our Bronze award. We were all very happy and very tired.
We are so grateful and thankful for this experience and for this award and also to all the
teachers, parents and the DoE coordinators. This will definitely help us all in our future.
Phinehas Samraj - Bronze award holder