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May 2018 Curieuse Island trip with GVI

Eco-friendly club and Valle de Mai students were very lucky to have another trip out, this time to learn about the wildlife and conservation on Curieuse Island. A team of staff and volunteers shared information about how they record information on Sharks, Tortoises and Turtles that visit the island, they demonstrated how to tag the animals and retrieve information and also led many hands on activities to demonstrate how turtles nest and how they look after all of those precious turtle eggs. When learning lots of new information about mangroves the students were even convinced to like the leaves to understand how the plant functions! Students had a great time and even had time for a swim and ice cream back on Praslin! 

May 2018 International Day for Children’s Day

To celebrate Children’s Day, Secondary students had a collapsed timetable day where instead of going to normal lessons they had a selection of taster classes exploring various countries from across the world. During our International Day, students were immersed in a range of countries and took part in various activities such as; de-coding a mystery in Nepal, learning French songs in France, learning Spanish and salsa dancing in Spain, Henna art in India, making their own timer in Switzerland and discovering Cuba! In the afternoon they tried some silly sports from around the world. It was a wonderful day, full of fun and laughter and obviously lots of learning too!

Rescued Owl

We were delighted this week to be visited by a Barn Owl which was rescued after being hit by a car. These owls are not native to Seychelles and were introduced to keep the rat population down. They are very lovely though.

Year 10 Travel and Tourism Constance Lemuria Visit

As part of their Travel and Tourism IGCSE coursework year 10 visited Constance Lemuria Hotel, where they were given guided tour of the premises and a question and answer session with the general manager. The research they undertook will not only form the basis of their coursework, but also provide them with a great insight into the business, management and logistics of running a 5 star hotel. 

World Book Day 

Our winners were a group from year 9 who dressed in an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme! They will enjoy a pizza lunch!

House Dodgeball Competition

As a break in the middle of exams, secondary students took part in a house dodgeball tournament. Split into Years 7/8 and 9/10, students went head to head against each house. It looked like so much fun, even year 6 asked to come and join us! After all of the round, unbelievably, each house ended up with the same end score and so it was a battle against the teachers to determine which house was the best. Desroches unfortunately lost to the teachers. However, the teachers couldn't keep it up and ended up losing to both Aldabra and Fregate which meant we declared a tie between the two houses! Well done to all involved! 

Pi Day

Wednesday 14th March was World Pi Day! This is a very mathematical day celebrating the very unusual number that is Pi. The Secondary students have been not only learning about Pi but also completing various Pi related tasks. Including a Pi Quiz, writing Piems, memorising Pi and even baking Pi... well pie! Our Pi(e) bake sale raised 1020scr for the secondary school council. Amazing! 

May 2018 TRASS Nursery Visit

Eco-friendly club and some Valle De Mai students recently had the opportunity to visit the TRASS nursery. Students had a tour of the nursery and were quizzed on their knowledge of plants, they showed off by sharing all the information they know already about different endemic species and their names but they also listened carefully to new information and learnt a lot about planting and restoring the island as well. Our eco warriors then got to work and sorted soil before planting their own mangrove shoots which will be nurtured by the TRASS team before planting. We were very lucky to be given nine endemic palms to plant in our school grounds. Eco-friendly club have definitely got green fingers as it only took them an hour to organise and plant all of the palm trees, they may take a lot longer than that to grow but we are sure with some care our palm garden will bloom!

Photography club

As part of the Student Ambassador Program, sixth-form year 13 student Danio Jeanne is now hosting and running his very own Photography Club for the first time. Running a club and keeping up with lessons can be tough especially since Danio is a sixth-former and has a lot of key decisions while studying at this time in his life. Despite this, Danio volunteered to create his own club for his fellow students and says “It’s always exciting to teach kids about something you feel so passionate about and I am thrilled at the opportunity”. Even if they are a new club, they have already covered landscape photos and photo editing which were both very successful. One student named Ethan Levy we interviewed said that he “enjoyed being a part of this small group and was looking forward to learning about photo perspectives and Photoshop”. This future Photographer was inspired to follow photography by his father and Danio was able to give him the opportunity to do that through his club. It is something that allowed students to band together under a common interest and resulted in some amazing Art work.

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