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Pi Day

Wednesday 14th March was World Pi Day! This is a very mathematical day celebrating the very unusual number that is Pi. The Secondary students have been not only learning about Pi but also completing various Pi related tasks. Including a Pi Quiz, writing Piems, memorising Pi and even baking Pi... well pie! Our Pi(e) bake sale raised 1020scr for the secondary school council. Amazing! 

International Day Day 2018

To celebrate International Dance Day 2018. Year 9 had a special lessons taken by Mrs McBride and Mrs Dione. With Mrs McBride the students learn some traditional Irish dancing; they had to ensure they had toes pointed and lots of fast pace movements whilst on the balls of their feet. Next was some Bollywood dancing with Mrs Dione; students had to constantly be bouncing whilst performing precise hand and head movements! An interest and active session for a Monday afternoon!

World Book Day 

Our winners were a group from year 9 who dressed in an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme! They will enjoy a pizza lunch!

Year 10 Art Work

The stairs up to the Secondary section have some new bright and colourful art work thanks to our year 10 artists! A range of beautiful paintings are hanging up for all to see with a theme of Nature! 

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Rescued Owl

We were delighted this week to be visited by a Barn Owl which was rescued after being hit by a car. These owls are not native to Seychelles and were introduced to keep the rat population down. They are very lovely though.