Welcome to the Primary section's school council

Our School Council consists of children from Year 3 – Year 6. The children are elected by their peers. The School Council attend meetings to discuss any issues that have arisen from discussions within their class.

At Vijay International School we respect the views and contributions made by our School Council and aim to use these to make improvements to our school whenever possible. Our wonderful pupils are excellent at identifying issues that are important to them and tackling them.

At the meetings, they discuss issues which concern the children in school:
• how the environment of the school, inside and outside, can be improved.
• how we, as a school, can contribute to the community.
• how we can influence events and the development of the school

Our School Council Members

Year 3- Mia, Aaron, Benjamin
Year 4- Ravin and Elissa
Year 5- Xara Matteo and Marionne
Year 6 – Emily V and Dean

What have we done so far?

So far, the school council has helped to promote hygiene in the bathrooms, and encourage children to look after our school community by picking up their litter. Our council also created a competition for the junior section where by each child designed a ticket for the production ‘Lion King’. A huge well done to our winners whose designs were massed produced for the ticket sale.

Yr3- Analucia and Jade
Yr4- Jasmine and Sahasra
Yr5- Louise and Ishaan
Yr6- Victoria and Emily B

Watch this space for more information!


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