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Year 2 Maths

Year 2 have been enjoying learning all about place value in maths. They have been using base 10, bead-strings, numicon, straws and a range of resources to explore 2-digit numbers. 

Using the base 10, Year 2 looked at the tens and ones that can be found in 2-digit numbers, they then learnt how to use the part-whole model to partition numbers into different tens and ones. 

For example, Chloe found out that you can partition 25 into 20 + 5, 10 + 15 and 25 + 0. Nathan. V also found that if he had 33 he could partition it into 30 + 3, 33 + 0, 20 + 13, 10 + 23. He said that there were actually lots of ways he could partition the number! 
We have been especially focusing on ‘teen’ numbers so not to confuse them with 10s numbers. Sometimes we find it tricky to remember which is ’15’ and which is ‘50’. 

Asia says, “You need to look at how many tens it has, if it have 1 ten then it’s a ‘teen’ number but if it has more than 1 ten, like 3 tens then its bigger, 3 tens would be 30”. 

Year 3 Rang Tan Work

As part of their rainforest topic, year 3 have been learning about deforestation. They watched a video about 'Rang Tan', a young orang-utan who had lost his home and family due to palm oil harvesting. The children were really moved by the video and produced leaflets to persuade people to stop buying palm oil products. They all did a fantastic job and showed lots of compassion in their work. Well done year 3.

Year 3 'The Wild Robot'

Year 5 have really been enjoying their class book The Wild Robot. In English, the children made camouflages inspired by the main character 'Roz' and a stick insect from the story. They then observed their environment and recorded everything they saw to write super sentences in the style of the author. Well done year 5!


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Year 5  Topic lessons


Class 5 have been researching famous inventions and even creating some of their own!

'Ancient Greeks' 
Year 5 have really been enjoying their topic about the Ancient Greeks. Here they trying to understand and construct the Ancient Greek alphabet.


Year 6 Poetry

Year 6 have been producing poems describing the polar explorer Ernest Shackleton's first impressions of Weddell Sea, Antarctica. They made the poems resemble the infamous pack ice Shackleton encountered on his expedition. The poems focused particularly on experimenting with vocabulary and trying to paint a vivid picture in the reader's mind.

Into Weddell Sea by Samuel Marie Year 6
Ice, ice, ice, endless ice,
Treacherous, hostile, menacing.
Icebergs like floating jigsaws,
The infinite, daunting sea.
Cracked ice like hair line fractures.
The snow dancing on the mountainous ice sheets.
The iceberg undercover, ready to complete it's latest mission.