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Year 5 'The Wild Robot'

Year 5 have really been enjoying their class book The Wild Robot. In English, the children made camouflages inspired by the main character 'Roz' and a stick insect from the story. They then observed their environment and recorded everything they saw to write super sentences in the style of the author. Well done year 5!


Year 5  Topic lessons


Class 5 have been researching famous inventions and even creating some of their own!

'Ancient Greeks' 
Year 5 have really been enjoying their topic about the Ancient Greeks. Here they trying to understand and construct the Ancient Greek alphabet.


Year 5 Literacy

​Year 5 have really enjoyed reading The Adventures of Odysseus this half term. The children imagined what it would be like to be shipwrecked and wrote messages in a bottle from Odysseus to his family. They decorated their bottles with a map of his journey, wrote on tea stained paper and even translated their letters using the Greek alphabet! Well done Year 5.