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year 6 ww2 writing

In Year 6 we have been learning all about the Air Raids during World War 2. We began by
making our own gasmasks and ‘blacking out’ the classroom windows. We learnt all about
the sirens to alert of air raid and what we would have to do if we heard one. During some
lessons, we had air raids and we wrote about our experiences. Here are some of the best
parts of our writing.
Darkness filled the room. As the air raid Warden blew his whistle loudly and angrily, the
bombs dropped like rain on the building. “Keep under the table and don’t make any noise!”
shouted the Air Raid Warden. “Put on your gas mask!”
By Brendon Rose

As the air raid sirens rang out, the tables and chairs started to shake and windows
shattered. We all dashed under our wooden desks and covered our heads. “Everyone take
cover!” exclaimed the Air Raid Warden as the power went out. Suddenly, the ceiling started
to crack. Crick,creak, crack, creak. The ceiling caved in: it sounded like a heavy tree falling
into a house made of corrugated iron sheets. It had been half an hour and we still had not
heard the all clear sirens. I was starting to worry if I would make it out alive. “When will this
stupid war be over?” I muttered to myself. As bombs whistled passed the terraced houses,
guns were fired and mines were exploding.
By Emma Labuschagne

It was a calm evening, then boom I heard a terrible noise: sirens blaring and wailing; planes
passing by and dropping deadly bombs on the platform; people screaming for help. It was
terrible. The murderous Luftwaffe dropped bombs on my favourite shops.
By Fabien D’Unienville
I was surrounded by eyes, all wide open as I clambered underneath the table. Hastily, I
started scrabbling around for my gas mask. “Stop screaming! Don’t you know there’s a war
going on?” shouted the Air Raid Warden. I quickly put my gas mask on; we used them for
our protection. Freezing and gloomy, sombre and dim, inside the room was filled with a
deadly silence.
By Lishad Morgan.