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To end the term, all the students participated in an inter house football and volleyball tournament. It was enjoyed by all and it was great to see all the students getting involved and cheering on their houses. 

Fregate won both the Football and Volleyball so congratulations to them.

House Groups and Challenges

The house system continues into the secondary section with Aldabra, Desroches and Fregate.

Students receive commendations as rewards for excellent work or behaviour or for each house competitions entered. Each half term students will take part in at least one creative challenge and one sporting challenge. At the start of each month we reflection on the previous amount of commendations for each house. At the end of the year, the house with the most commendations and also each top commendation winner per year will enjoy a rewards day.


Head of House - Hlo

House Corodinator – Mrs Baker


Head of House - Julius

House Coordinator – Mrs Bell


Head of House - Brad

House Coordinator – Mrs Dione

Keep update with our challenges by following the link to the Secondary News page

Interhouse Football and Volleyball

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