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early years news December 2019

Early Childhood have had a very busy term discovering all about Jack and his giant beanstalk! We have been retelling the story and finding out about similar fairytales. Over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed making our own beanstalks from a variety of different materials from paints to cereal and spaghetti! We have used construction blocks to make Jack's cottage and even challenged ourselves to make beanstalks taller than ourselves. We've begun to use language such as 'tall', 'taller' and tallest'. We have enjoyed making different patterned beanstalks using blocks and we've started to grow our own pumpkin and cucumber plants! Our new jungle gym has provided us with lots of excellent opportunities to build our upper body strength, which will help us with our writing later on and it is also a great place to play, learn and share with our friends.

R1 have been progressing through their Phase 1 phonics, taking listening walks, drumming on different items outside and comparing the sounds and developing their sound vocabulary. They have loved making loud and quiet sounds when listening to stories and music and have performed some amazing rhymes and songs in our EY assemblies.

R2 have had a busy term learning all their sounds from Phase 2 and have spent time focusing on their letter formation. We have enjoyed doing lots of initial sound matching activities and can now segment and blend many cvc (cat) and cvcc (duck) words. We have been working hard at identifying and recognising our numbers to 10. Using dominoes, cubes, numicon and a range of other resources we have started to match amounts and find bonds to 5 


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