Year 1 and Year 2 Poetry Sharing and Post Office Visit

This week year 2 and Year 3 have been writing poems. During fun time Friday the children gathered together to share their poems with each other. Well done Year 2 and Year 3 your poems were fabulous! 

Our story for this half term is 'The Jolly Postman'. To launch the story we went on a short visit to the post office to learn about the postal system in the Seychelles. Whilst we were there we also bought some postcards that we will send to children in a school in another country. Thank you to the parents who gave us lifts it was very much appreciated.

Orion and the Dark

In literacy this half term, the children in Year 2 are reading the story Orion and the dark. This week the children have been acting out a scene from the story and adding their own thought and speech bubbles using an iPad app. We think the pictures look great! 

Dark WOW Day

Our topic this half term is Who's afraid of the dark? To introduce the topic we had a WOW morning. The children were brought into a dark room and were told the story of the owl who was afraid of the dark. They then took part in a number of activities including making electrical circuits, making glow lamps, learning songs about the dark, exploring caves and the animals that live there and listening to the Funnybones  stories and putting the skeletons back together. The children had a great morning and are very excited to start learning about light and dark! 

Once Upon a Time.....

This half term out topic has been Once Upon a Time... The children were given the task of designing a castle and characters for the children in the Reception. They started their project off by researching the features of castles and who lives/lived in castles. Next they carried out market research to find out what sort of castles the Reception children would like. Based on their market research they then designed and made their characters and castles. Today was the day that they presented the Reception children with their gifts. They were all very mature and told the Reception children about all the features of their castles. One castle even had a snow chute!
Well done Year 2! 

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