November 2015 IGCSE results

Year 11 sat three IGCSE subjects early, taking their examinations in November 2015. Results were published on 19th January 2016 and we are pleased to announce the outcomes were outstanding. 

The students all sat French, English Literature and Travel and Tourism and overall 95% of the grades awarded were A* - C and 55% were A* or A. In French, all students scored A* or A grade.

Individually, Chloe Morel was the top performing student, securing A* in French and English Literature and A in Travel and Tourism. 

Year 11 will now begin to prepare for their May / June final examinations.

Secondary Reading Achievement Award

Every half term in the secondary section, one student from each year group is selected for the ‘Reading Enthusiasm Award’. This award is to celebrate the commitment to reading from students across the section and promote the enjoyment of reading both at home and at school. Kindly sponsored by the PTA, students are awarded with a book and a certificate to take home. The awards for this half term go to Joshua (Y11), Chloe (Y10), Gama (Y9), Adrian (Y8) and Phin (Y7). A massive well done to all the students selected so far this year!

2016 SACOS National School Swimming Championships

VISP once again over performed for a small school in the SACOS National School Swimming championships with many students setting outstanding qualifying times in the heats. Isabelle Labuschagne once again impressed, setting the fastest heat times in the country for Under 10's in the backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Abigail Labuschagne set the fastest time for Under 12's in both the freestyle and backstroke and was 4th fastest in Breaststroke.

There was also qualifying times set by Emma Labuschagne (freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke), Victoria Rouillon (Backstroke), Charlotte Vanacore (freestyle and breastsroke), Noah Labuschagne (freestyle and breaststroke), Alexis Bloss (Freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke) and Chloe Verlaque (breaststroke).

Sadly due to the finals being held in the school holidays and some illness only Alexis and Noah could compete on Mahe. The best result came for Noah who secured 4th place in the 50m Breaststroke. ​

Children's Day Euro 2016 challenge

​On Friday 8th July 2016, the secondary students at VISP celebrated Children’s Day in a fun and sporty fashion. They competed in their year groups in an unprecedented Euro 2016-themed sports tournament. Year 7 students represented Germany, Year 8 France, Year 9 England and Year 10 Russia. The 4 teams looked wonderful on Baie Ste Anne football field with students proudly sporting their allocated country’s colours. For the occasion, most students chose to have their face painted in the colours of the flags they were waving all afternoon.

The festivities started with the 4 national anthems echoing in the stadium followed by a sack race. All contenders got into their sack and skilfully raced across the field. Amanda made Russia proud when she demonstrated how sack racing is done. Russia, however, attempted to cheat at the egg-and-spoon race with Christian Gill exhibiting a disgracefully large (and blatantly concave) ice cream ladle in an attempt to keep his egg in place. But this clever move failed to deceive the referee Miss Salmi who confiscated the scandalous tool. France soon came back at Russia with Simon’s incredible egg-and-spoon racing technique. He is the only contender who managed to run whilst balancing his egg on his spoon. What prowess! Russia dropped its egg, which was raw given that the tournament coordinator’s cooker ran out of gas the day prior to the event. Then came the time for the three-legged races with Russia and England clearly in the lead. Facial expressions on the athletes’ faces were precious. Finally, the wheelbarrow race saw Russia confirming its lead whilst Adrian struggled to hold onto Christian Gardette’s wiggly legs.

After the races came the time for the long-awaited 5-a-side football tournament. Germany played France with Mr Neilson as impartial referee. While the supporters were merrily chanting in the stands, the match came to a 1-1 draw. England then took onto the pitch under Mr O’Dowd’s supervision and destroyed almighty Russia with the final score of 4-1. With no winners after their first match, Germany and France had to meet again and face a cruel penalty shootout. After an agonising 5-minute-wait and despite a French goal keeper (Simon) on top form, Éric’s team claimed victory. The final saw England take on Germany with England winning thanks to its vivacious striker and captain Brad. The day ended with the ultimate challenge: a dance-off to Destiny’s Child’s epic tune ‘Bootylicious’. With the strongest dancer nowhere to be found (Germany’s Charlotte) and the pressure of gyrating about in public, a few last-minute adjustments to the contestants’ list were made. After punishing minutes of uncertainty, Amos heroically stepped in to fill Charlotte’s dancing shoes whilst Rona, Rasika and Christian Gardette formed the perfect trio for France, Gaia, Christine and Ishah danced for England and Mandy and Stephania worked it for Russia. Despite Christian’s unique footwork, the clear winner was the Russian duet. Overall, with 36 points Russia won the tournament; England came second (with 27 points); France came third (with an honourable 21 points) and Germany came fourth (with 19 points). Russia proudly posed for the cameras and lip-synched to Госуда́рственный гимн Росси́йской Федера́ции (cf. the Russian national anthem). An emotional Russian czapka-wearing Sumitha accepted the team’s well-deserved edible prize to a clapping audience.What a glorious day for Russia and a fabulous way for all secondary students to end the gruelling end of year exam week! All students clearly enjoyed themselves, were fully involved and blew off some steam. Despite it not being intentional, celebrating Children’s Day at a later stage proved very successful as it was a well-deserved and much-needed opportunity for students to let their hair down. Happy belated Children’s Day!

Secondary creative challenge

All students from the Secondary section were invited to dust off their camera lenses and get snapping in our creative challenge for the first term. Students were inspired to take part after seeing photographs of people with their fingers on the top of the Eiffel tower or skydivers diving into someone’s mouth. There were over 50 entries and these are the top entries. Fourteen were used to make our calendar for the year. The winner was the photograph of Vanilla sat on top of a water bottle. Well done to all those students who took up the challenge and entered a photo!

History Day

On Tuesday 10th February, VISP was bombarded by Viking Warriors (Year 3), Roman Gladiators (Year 4) and Native American Tribes (Year 5)! The atmosphere was electric, as children and staff entered the school to battle sounds and music. The day was filled with plenty of fabulous crafts and cooking, including making tribal-style Teepees, Fajitas, Roman cakes, bread and Viking oatcakes.
Before lunch, we all took part in a parade around the school grounds (the rest of the school and some parents came to watch) and we played the role of our characters. Roars of rage and tribal sounds filled the school grounds as the Romans and the Vikings were seen staring furiously at each other, both convinced that they could win any battle as they prepared to fight to the death! The battles really did take place, but in the form of 'battle dances' to the sound of blood-curdling music. These were performed outside to an audience as the deadly screams of warriors were heard, echoing around Baie Ste Anne.
To end our incredible day, the winners of the 'most creative costume' competition won a prize during a special assembly and we all left school feeling happy and victorious.

PTA Halloween Fair October 2014

Despite the rain at the start of the Fair, the parade of monsters, ghouls witches and more, enjoyed a variety of games and great food stalls. The PTA raised Sr 53,000 and we extend our sincerest thanks to all who sponsored, assisted and supported us. See you next year !!
​We have a new mural located opposite the school tuck shop area. It occupies the upper parts of two supporting pillars and the upper part of the wall which runs between the two early childhood toilets. Why the upper parts only? Well this is because the lower parts of the walls and columns are painted with anti-climb/wall protection paint, which is impossible to work onto. Since we decided to paint the mural quite high up, and as that would mean that people looking at it would have to look up, we started to think about what we could use as objects in the sky. We considered the obvious things such as birds and then decided to research hot air balloons; we felt that they symbolise much of what our school is about (no, not 'hot air' by the way) - moving up and progressing. Balloons are also beautiful objects and people who fly them often have to overcome challenges, just as we do in school. In addition to the balloons, which we decided to paint on both pillars and wall, we also decided to include a beach, the ocean and an island, all symbolic of Seychelles. We also included two children looking up at the sky. They represent doing well at school and always trying harder to go 'higher'.There is a stylised sun on the right hand side of the composition. Finally we added an old aeroplane which is pulling a banner which contains the names of the children who painted the mural. The whole thing took one week, working mornings only under the supervision of Mr. Kennedy. We prepared the wall first, then built our working platform from dining tables and benches. We painted in acrylic paint, painting the things farthest away in the composition first. Everyone had a go at doing most of the things in the picture and every student painted at least one balloon. The design of the mural was decided democratically, with every student having a vote regarding what went where on the wall. In the end we are proud of what we achieved in quite a short time and we think that it brightens up our school and conveys a serious message at the same time. We hope that you get a chance to see it and hope that you like it. For the first few days of the new term there will be an exhibition of sketches and drawings next to the wall; this display will feature some of the works that we made in preparation for painting the final mural.
​Junior students from the school entertained a festive crowd by opening a special Christmas concert at the Valee De Mai during the afternoon of Friday December 12th.
Sporting a decidedly red dress code the children sang, jived and generally jumped around, performing traditional carols with a modern twist. They sang very well and had obviously benefitted from the support given by music specialist Ms. De Paula. The confidence and verve with which the choir delivered their programme of six songs reflected many hours of hard work and preparation. They were a credit to our school. We hope that the photographs capture something of the spirit of the event and the enthusiasm of the choir members. Special thanks to Ms. Nash for organising the school's participation. Starting this term we will have regular choir practices and we can expect to see the standard of singing in the school improve dramatically!

Focus days - Sports theme

During the week beginning 13th October we had our focus days. This year our focus was on sports. The Primary section worked in mixed classes learning about being fit and healthy, world food day and the body. The Junior section had their own football and team work tournament whilst the Early childhood rotated around different activities. The secondary section had various activites on the Friday including a cooking session with Mr Dodd and Mrs Sam.
Junior production - Aladdin
Just before the Easter break, the Junior section performed the spectacular show ‘A-ladd-in Trouble’: a twist on the classic story ‘Aladdin’. Aladdin, who was destined to find true love with Princess Jasmine, entered a life of royal luxury, despite the evil Abanazar’s efforts to steal their magic lamp, take control of Agrabah village and banish all the villagers to a life of hard labour. Together, Aladdin and his eccentric genie, Widow Twanky (Aladdin’s loving, but slightly crazy, mother) and Jasmin saved the day, proving that true love really does conquer all! Our two evening performances were fantastic and, despite being a little tired after all the hard work and excitement, we performed for the final time to Baie St Anne school. We are extremely proud of our show, worked incredibly hard and look forward to doing the next one. Any ideas are always welcome. Thank you to thank all of those who helped us, including the PTA for costumes and refreshments and to Laurent for the wonderful DVD he produced, which will mean we can remember this magical experience for many years. 

​By Year 6

Secondary production - The Tempest

In February students across year 9 and 10 performed Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. It is one of the texts they study for IGCSE literature and the performances were a sell out. 

National Schools Swimming Championships

For the first time, VISP students attended the SACOS National Schools Swimming Championships on Mahe during half term. Having taken part in the heats on Praslin last month, 15 of our students qualified for the finals. Sadly however, Lorenzo Bossy, Joshua Confait, Dorian Le Bihan and Christian Gill were unable to attend due to a clash with French IGCSE exams. This left 11 students to make the journey to Mahe to participate. Despite this being our first appearance at the finals the students made a big impression. 
Isabelle Labuschagne picked up 4 medals and became the fist ever VISP National Sports Champion winning the under 10 girls 25m Freestyle event. She also got a silver in the 25m Breaststroke. 
The 25m under 10 girls relay team of Isabelle, Emma Labuschagne, Emily Vanacore and Victoria Rouillon came in a very close 2nd place, beaten by the Independent School by just 0.04 seconds
Similarly, the 50m under 12 relay team of Isabelle, Emma, Charlotte Vanacore and Abigail Labuschagne also came 2nd. This was especially remarkable given the fact that 2 of the girls were competing in an age group 2 years above. 
In other individual under 10 and under 12 races, Victoria Rouillon unluckily placed 4th in the 25m Backstroke in a blanket finish with 2nd and 3rd paces. Noah Labuschagne (Breaststroke), Abigail Labuschagne (Freestyle) and Emma Labuschagne (Breaststroke) all placed in the top 6 in their events too.
In the secondary events in the main pool, Chloe Verlaque came 3rd in a photo finish with 2nd place in the 50m Breaststroke. Meanwhile, Alexis Bloss came a close 4th in the Backstroke and 8th in the Breaststroke.
For our first contesting of this event the school did very well and we anticipate even better results when the event is held again next March. A huge congratulations to the students for their hard work in preparing for this event.

Save our Vallee de Mai

Various students, teachers and parents from across the school joined with other community groups to march in protest against poaching in the Vallee de Mai.

The marchers came from 2 locations, Baie Ste Anne and Grande Anse and met at the entrance to the Vallee. The march coincided with the start of 'Unity Month' and this was the theme for the march - uniting the whole community in support of the Coco de Mer.  Some of the participants ran the course and, from Baie Ste Anne group our own Noah Labuschagne came 2nd.  Once gathered at the Vallee various speeches and presentations took place.  Our school performed a reflective piece concerning the importance of the Coco de Mer in all our lives. The performers were Marione Brioche, Jade Dubignon, Isabelle Labuschagne and Anaira Dick.  The school was presented with a certificate of participation accepted by Anaira Dick and Brendon Rose.

Pirates of the Curry Bean

​The sun was setting and the stars were coming out. The children in the Junior Section at VISP were becoming stars themselves: stars of the stage! June 30th was the date for the performance of The Pirates of the Curry Bean. The children in Years 3-6 put on a piratical adventure that wowed the audience and received amazing reviews from those lucky enough to see the show. Over 70 children took part in the production, from star actors to super singers to incredible mop dancers! Every child played their part in the show and performed fantastically.

The night sky above the stage and the beautiful outdoor setting of the school playground led to a wonderful spectacle for the audience. Real palm trees leant over the stage and the smell of the ocean added to the authentic pirate adventure feel of the show.

The show itself produced some fantastic performances. Thierry Zialor as the no-nonsense Captain Cod, Russell Payet as the hilarious Captain Redbeard and Abigail Lubuschagne as the gritty Pearl Periwinkle all contributed with superb acting performances, supported admirably by the rest of the Junior Section. The show was full of hilarious moments that had the audience laughing, scary situations that left the audience on the edge of their seats and some incredibly catchy numbers that left everyone humming the pirate tunes for many days afterwards.

A big well done goes to all the children in the Junior Section who put on such a fantastic show for the audience and to all the staff who helped make this year’s Junior Production a massive success!

School Play

Last week, thirteen students from the secondary section performed in the production of 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time'.

Based on the novel by Mark Haddon, the play is based around Christopher Boone, a 15-year-old autistic boy, who finds his neighbour's dog dead on the garden lawn and vows to find out who did it. What ensues is an emotional journey whereby Christopher learns a great deal about both his family and the world around him.

The students from across years 8, 9 and 10 put in a tremendous amount of work over many weeks and it certainly paid off in their performances. Not only did they allow the audience to step into the mind of Christopher, but they helped develop a greater understanding and empathy for all people and their differing approaches to life.

A massive well done to all involved!

Back to Basics

In October Year 12 began the second phase of their enrichment programme. Students were placed in small groups around lower school.  The aim of the project was to give the year 12 students experience with working with and helping younger students whilst giving a little back to their school. Students were divided into 3 groups:

Play in early childhood: Alison, Aliza, Anya and Grace.
Reading assist in KS1: Aubrey, Stefano, Wendy and Zoe
Teaching first aid in KS2: Alyssa, Brigitte, Candice and Ella

This part of the enrichment programme will run for 6 weeks with year 12 spending time with every student in lower school. The early sessions of the programme are going well and both the older and younger students are really enjoying their time together. 

World Book Day

Thursday 5th March  was World Book Day and as is customary the school organised, with tremendous input from the PTA, a full programme of events, starting with the arrival of children and staff dressed as favourite characters from literature. At one point a parent asked ‘who’s having more fun, the teachers or the students?!’

Later in the morning we held a whole school assembly when the prizes for the best costumes were announced. Samuel Marie won the Early Childhood prize for his terrific costume. He was dressed as a pirate. Heather D. C. La Blache won in the junior section with an amazing costume that must have taken her a long time to prepare. She was dressed as Maleficent, complete with meticulously executed wings. Finally the children voted for the best dressed member of staff. It was a tough decision between Miss Yasmine the bumble bee, Mr Fiddy the scarecrow, Miss Ferguson an Umpa Lumpa, Miss Nash a lion and Miss Marie May as Mickey Mouse. Finally, with the children’s help, Miss Ferguson was voted the winner.

The children had also taken part in various quizzes, organised by the PTA, and to mark this one child from each class won a reading goody bag.

We were also richly entertained by members of Year 4, who performed some extracts from their recently composed horror poems. A compilation of these will soon be published at the school.

To conclude the full assembly the children were treated to an extract from the successful secondary production of 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’.

Once Secondary and Early childhood had left for break Junior children were then in for a further surprise as the Junior staff (and Mr O’Dowd) performed their version of The Wizard of Oz. A hilarious adaptation that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, to top it all off Mr Kennedy – AKA Mr Wizard - then went on to perform some of his magic. The children were treated to watching him cut a pastry in half before sawing Mr O’Dowd in half using an electric jigsaw!

At the end of school the PTA ,with year 2’s support, had a cake sale.

This was a very successful day promoting reading in so many different ways and fun was had by all. We hope you can see this through the photographs taken during the day.


First ever Literacy Week​

Vijay International School hosted its first ever literacy week at the end of April. The theme of the week was ‘Mysteries and Detectives’ and many exciting activities and projects took place over the four-day festival, which was principally designed to promote reading and creative writing.

Alongside lots of engaging and diverse workshops, literacy competitions and a school-wide read-in, students and staff also had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite spy or adopt a clever disguise! Students were encouraged to play active parts in solving riddles, unravelling clues, dealing with suspicious ‘crimes’ on the school premises and generally improving their analytical and critical skills whilst having lots of fun.

The school was also fortunate to have a Literacy Specialist, Ms Jenny Murray, from Lend We Your Literacy (LMYL) visit for the week. LMYL is an online educational platform for young writers and their workshops aim to support children’s literacy, learning and development in an innovative and inspiring way. Ms Murray hosted literacy workshops for students in years 3 to 10 and the wonderful work they produced is available to view and comment upon on the LMYL website.  (

On Thursday evening, the week was rounded off with a ‘Books and Blankets’ event which was well attended by both students and parents. Staff donned disguises, adopting the appearance of fictional characters, and read aloud to the students inside designated story tents. They also ran short activities for the listeners to engage in.

The week was kindly sponsored by Pace Holdings Seychelles and Le Duc De Praslin. 

Vijay International School Praslin

                          You are not born for yourself...but for the world

Save Our Seas

VISP was delighted to welcome Abi March from Save Our Seas to the school this week and to receive a delivery of 20 copies of 'The Lost World', a wonderful guide to the islands of the Seychelles. The book, alongside the resources from the foundation, will be used in lessons throughout all levels of the school. 
Many thanks to the Save Our Seas foundation for this kind donation which I am sure will prove invaluable for our students.

VISP at the National Athletic Championships

The school had it's best ever showing at La Digue and Praslin athletics heats in April, with 11 students from Year 4 to Year 10 representing the school in track and field. From these trials, 3 VISP students were selected to compete at the National Athletics Championships at Stad Linite on 18th June 2015.

Brad Descombes was the best performer on the day, placing 5th in the country in the Boys Under 14 Long Jump.  Chloe Morel (U16) high jumped her way to 8th place overall and school flag bearer Stephania Hetimier (U16) was 7th in the Shot Putt. Both Chloe Verlaque (High Jump, U16) and Perry Pointe (100m U14) were selected as reserves for the National Championships but were unable to compete on the day. 
Overall, this was the best secondary performance the school has had at the National Championships and a good building block for the ongoing development of sport in the school.

Vijay International School, Baie St Anne, Praslin, Seychelles

+248 42361166

VISP v BSA Primary Football

The smell of freshly cut grass filled the air as the VISP footballers arrived at the magnificent BSA Primary School pitch. This would be the debut competitive match for VISP and hopes were high for an opening day victory. VISP would be represented at two age levels for this historical occasion; under 10s and under 12s.

A sharp, piercing blow of the whistle and the Under 10’s players were off. BSA playing some lovely possession football; whilst VISP lined up in a defensive formation, clearly ready to weather the oncoming storm away from home. No breakthrough for either team and the sides trudged off for some half-time inspiration at 0-0. A gritty display of determination from Steven and Brendon at the back for VISP meant that they were moments away from a huge 0-0 draw. However, disaster struck with just a few minutes remaining. The referee gave a controversial penalty to BSA. A hush fell over the pitch as Dean tried to ‘make himself big’ in the VISP goal. Then… wide! The penalty was missed by BSA and VISP had defended resolutely to secure a 0-0 draw. Lovely!

Almost as soon as final whistle had blown, the Under 12’s stepped out onto the hallowed turf ready to begin. The match started in a much more open fashion; end to end with plenty of attacking intent from both sides. Then, against the run of play, BSA were in front, thanks to a lovely side-foot finish. Eric and Thierry continued to try to create things up front for VISP, but the defence was caught out a second time before half-time. It was a real game of two halves because BSA came out firing for the second half. They then managed to find the net on two more occasions to bring an end to the scoring at 0-4. The VISP players were understandably despondent at the end of the match, but were able to hold their heads up high having played an attacking brand of football against a strong, experienced BSA outfit.

A massive congratulations to all the boys who represented VISP in these matches. Their names will go down in the history books as having played in our first ever competitive match with another school!


Resilience Relay

On the 10th of July, four students (Amanda Esther, Mandy Omath, Christian Gill and Stephania Hétimier) from ViJay International School were invited to pass on the "Resilience" baton too La Digue School in a ceremony attempting to raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse. It was a very informative day with a strong anti-drug message interspersed with dancing and poetry from the La Digue Students. 

Excellent IGCSE Results From VISP

Results were recently published for the June series of Cambridge International IGCSE results and S5 students from the Vijay International School Praslin achieved outstanding outcomes. The school is also claiming a new National record for the strongest performing student – Alyssa Payet – who achieved 7 A* grades, 5 A grades and one grade C, giving a total of 706 points using the UK points- for- grades system. The school believes that this surpasses the previous record of 684.

All S5 students reached or surpassed the UK benchmark of 5 or more higher passes (grade C and above). This figure of 100% compares very well with the UK average, which was 62.8% in 2014. The S5 students secured 100% passes across 15 subject areas, with 80% of these being at grade C or higher.

Head teacher Martin Kennedy expressed satisfaction at the results, adding 'It is especially encouraging as most of our S5 students will now join the school's new Advanced level programme, which is a major development for both the school and Praslin and offers students the opportunity to study at pre-university level on Praslin. These strong results are attributable to good teaching, adequate resourcing and, of course, extremely hard work by the students themselves.'

Dan Cross, Head of the school's Sixth Form, pointed out that in addition to S5 students from VISP the A level programme is also attracting interest from the Praslin community as a whole. 'We offer the opportunity for adults to study A levels with us on a flexible basis.' he said. 'This means that a working person can, with the support of their employer, take one or more A levels with us in order to develop their qualification portfolio and contribute more to the development of their company.'

Other high S5 achievers were Brigitte De Charmoy Lablache (604), Candice De Lacoudraye Harter (592), Zoe Rose (552 pts) and Stefano Leon (534).

Anyone interested in finding out more about the opportunities to study A level on Praslin are warmly invited to contact Mr. Cross at the school on 4236116.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere! 

The school welcomed Laeticia Sioen to the school on Tuesday September 29th. Under the auspices of the Alliance francaise Victoria the artist - who, with her company presents the show 'L'Envers Du Monde' - involved the children from the school's Early Childhood and Junior sections in an outdoor bubble-making and play workshop.
Anyone who would like to see more of Laeticia's show can do so at

Laeticia's website can be viewed at

The weather stayed fine, the children had a great time and. later in the morning, Laeticia and her team left for La Digue and more exciting performances. The school expresses its thanks to Alliance francaise and in particular Mr. Merly Noeline for organising the show.
Parents might also wish to visit an Alliance francaise exhibition in the secondary library, which will run until mid-October.

New Student Leadership

The week commencing the 21st September saw campaigns for the new student leadership begin. Positions available included heads of houses, to be elected from year 10 and 11 and head boy and head girl to be elected from year 12.

The head boy/girl campaign had 5 candidates running for election: Wendy Pointe, Zoé Rose, Alyssa Payet, Candice Harter and Stefano Leon. Candidates produced manifestos and posters to highlight their strengths and their vison of impact which were displayed around school. Candidates also had to present a 3-minute speech to pupils and staff followed by a speech to the board of governors. Following an intense and extremely close vote students Alyssa Payet and Stefano Leon were chosen to represent the school as head girl/boy. The school staff and board congratulates all 5 candidates on their terrific efforts and hope that all 5 students will be involved in events throughout the school year.

Following the Head boy and girl appointments the heads of house stepped into the limelight. Candidates for the posts included: Josh Confait (Aldabra), Chloé Verlaque(Fregate), Vanilla Lou-labiche (Fregate), Stephania Hétimier (Desroches) and Christian Gill (Desroches). Candidates presented short speeches in both primary and secondary assemblies with voting opening at lunch on 28th September. Voting was overseen by the new head boy and girl with votes cast by all students from year 3 upwards and staff from the whole school. Once results were counted results were announced in Tuesday assembly and the following people were elected elected:

Josh Confait: Aldabra
Chloé Verlaque: Fregate
Christian Gill: Desroches

The school staff would once again like to congratulate all candidates for their exceptionally well throughout out speeches and look forward to seeing the impact all of these students can have in the future.

Well done to all involved!

2106 Indian Cultural Celebration

​​Vijay international School was decorated in orange, white and green on Monday morning ready for a 2 day Indian Celebration! Children took part in various India inspired activities and lessons across the two days including yoga, Bollywood dancing, cricket, Henna Mendhi designs and traditional Indian games...the secondary children even took part in an eventful and energetic kabaddi tournament. 

Tuesday afternoon the whole school watched a selection of performances from children and adults throughout the school. Head boy Stefano and head girl Alyssa kindly did the commentary for the show which was opened with the Indian national anthem being sung very patriotically by some secondry students. This was followed by a beautiful welcome dance by Berachah (Y3) and Sahasra (Y2). After that we were dazzled by Aarya (Y5) and Shajini (Y6) with a modern dance accompanied by an Indian pop song. Next it was time for the adult choir to take the stage with their rendition of the song 'Made in India' which was rather impressively sung in Hindi. This performance was enhanced by year 3 doing some traditional Bollywood dance moves. The KS2 Cultural Dance Club then showed us their version of Jai ho. Finally we had a solo performance from Rasika (Y8), which finished off the performances beautifully. Thank you to everyone who entertained us, the show was very special.

Once Mr Howell had thanked everyone involved and Mr Samy had spoke on behalf of the Indian community, it was then time to sample some delicious Indian food kindly provided by a selection of local hotels and parents. We were all very grateful to finish the celebrations with this impressive array of Indian cuisine.

Thank you to everyone involved, no matter how you helped or participated. Your help is always appreciated. 

World Book Day 2016

From The Cat in the Hat to The Wimpy Kid, beautiful princess to ugly Rumpelstiltskin’s and Superheroes to The Joker, the children (and staff) impressed us once again with an impressive array of weird and wonderful World Book Day costumes!

The children celebrated the day with exciting book themed activities in class and Key Stage One and Two shared a special ‘World Book Day’ assembly together. Some brave staff surprised us all with Mr Fiddy’s adapted version of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. The children absolutely loved watching the performance. Mr Paul’s character of the ‘Mooing Cow’ had everyone laughing and Mr Fiddy’s terrifying interpretation of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ had everyone screaming!

Aarya Senthil (Y5) won the annul Sarah Morgan Reading Award in Juniors and Alliette Vidot (Y9) won the Secondary prize, becoming the first student to have won both the Secondary and Junior award.

Work Commences On Sports Hall

Vijay Construction has begun the earthworks required prior to the construction of the foundations and slab for the new sports hall. The photograph shows plant on site during the first day of work - Monday September 28th.
The hall itself, which will measure 32 metres by 18 metres, with a maximum height of 10 metres, is currently in storage on Eve Island and will be brought to school in sections once the erection of the building commences.
The plan is to have the building frame up by November, at which time the specialist floor surface will be installed. After this we will be able to begin equipping the hall with professional standard sports equipment purchased from the USA and which is also currently in storage.
We hope to have the hall in commission next January, although we may be adding the finishing touches for a few months thereafter. Once we have raised further funds - the entire project cost has so far been met through donations - we will construct the changing rooms, toilets and storage spaces next to the main building.
Once fully operational the hall will provide a fantastic new sports environment, principally to enrich the school's sports programme

VISP at the National School Swimming Championships​
On Saturday 19th September, students from the Junior and Secondary sections of the school took part in the qualifying heats for the National Schools Swimming Championships. 

Held at the new Praslin pool, the students competed against opposition from La Digue School and the state schools on Praslin.

VISP students put in an amazing performance with Victoria Rouillon, Isabelle Labuschagne, Abigail Labuschagne, Charlotte Vanacore, Noah Labuschagne, Alexis Bloss, Chloe Verlaque, Lorenzo Bossy and Dorian le Bihan all winning races in various strokes over various distances.  Two relay teams put in impressive performances too, with both the girls under 10 and girls under 12 dominating their heats, even beating boys teams in those age categories.

In the coming days the students will learn which of them has qualified for the National Finals, to be held on Mahe on 23rd October. In order to qualify, our students would have to place in the top 8 times in the country in their event. A report for the finals will be uploaded onto the school website after that event

Sports Day 2016 - Aldabra victorious again

Aldabra, captained by Joshua Confait were again victorious at this year's sports day, overturning the narrow 1 point margin by which Fregate won last year. In the final tally they won by just 14 points over their rivals.

Field events took place in the days before the track events and these were dominated by Aldabra. In long jump, new school records were established by Isabelle Labuschagne, Allessandro Ally and Laurent Gedeon, all in Aldabra. Likewise, Aldabra students broke records in High Jump (Abigail Labuschagne) and discus (Joshua Confait) to take a commanding lead into the track events. However, good Fregate performances by Chloe Verlaque (High Jump), Vanilla-Lou Labiche (Discus and Shot Putt), Stefano Leon (Long Jump), Mikael Karlson (High Jump) and Perry Pointe (High Jump) kept the scores close.

In the track events, Fregate performed best, narrowing the margin throughout the day and taking the lead at one point. Records fell in the 60m Hurdles to Abigail Labuschagne, Mikael Karlson and Dean Jean-Louis and in the 100m to Chloe Verlaque, Marvin Rose and Stefano Leon. Noah Labuschagne set a new 200m record and in spite of the heat, new 800m records were set by Perry Pointe and Chloe Morel.

In the final 6 relay events Aldabra won 4 and this gave them overall victory. Well done!

In the grand finale, the teachers team of Mr Howell, Mr Cross, Mr Fiddy and Mr Dodd won against the student all star team. 

World Education Games

Last month students throughout the school took part in the World Education Games. Completed online, this international competition is a chance for students across the globe to show off their skills and knowledge in Literacy, Maths and Science. One day is devoted to each event and during this time students are asked to compete in a number of challenges, accruing points as they do so. 
Students in our school from year 2 to year 9 took part and several were awarded certificates by the World Education Games for their excellent scores. Dion, Phin and Heather were recognised for their participation and achievement in Maths, Elida and Trisha for Literacy and Christian, Simon and Rasika for Science. 
A massive well done to these students and all who took part! 

'ello, 'ello, 'ello! Whats going on 'ere then?

On Friday 8th May, students in the Secondary section were lucky enough to have a visit from the Seychelles Police. Two officers visited years 8, 9 and 10 to hold a careers talk related to joining the police force. A very motivational afternoon!

2106 Graduation Evening

The school held it's 3rd annual Year 11 graduation on Tuesday 14th June at the Tapas Bar in Cote D'Or. The graduating students received various academic awards, with the top prize, the Headteacher's Award given to Chloe Morel. This prize is given annually to the top performing student academically. Vanilla-Lou Labiche received the Head of Secondary prize for her contribution to wider school lifre.  Joshua Confait received the award for Mathematics, Lorenzo Bossy the award for Art and Sabine Payet the award for English.

A number of staff members spoke about this talented group and whilst all acknowledged the likely academic success of this group, it was recognised that this is group who excel in the more creative side of the curriculum. They are talented artists, musicians, actors and athletes and as a group they will be remembered for a long time in school for their successes in these disciplines.

Internationally renowned Seychelles artist, George Camille delivered the keynote speech, offering advice to the graduates on their future and explaining the benefits of a career in the arts.

The school's first Year 12 cohort were also present on the evening to celebrate the end of the first AS Level exams to be sat at VISP. Exams at this level were sat for the first time on Praslin, having opened the first post-secondary A-Level centre in September 2015. Our Year 12 students are now keenly anticipating our first AS Level results, due to be issued in early August.

Whilst Year 12 will now progress on to the second year of their A-Level studies, we are delighted that all of our Year 11 students will remain with us for AS Levels. 

Mr Kennedy's last day

After 4 years as Headteacher, Mr Kennedy has sadly retired, although he will stay at the school for one term, teaching art classes. His final day was marked but an extraordinary assembly where almost every student in school contributed in some way to one of the performances in the afternoon.

The assembly began with the Reception children singing their 'Letter K' song. This featured an enormous letter K card, made by the children. Years 1 and 2 sang Mr Kennedy's favourite song, 'Heroes' by David Bowie, a number that reduced Mr K to tears! Key Stage 2 sang 'Times Have Changed', a song written by Mr Kennedy and his band The Red Trees.

The school board of governors gave a speech which recounted the history of the school and thanked him for his amazing contribution to our school. This was followed by a presentation of the new Martin Kennedy award for the arts, a new annual award to be presented to an emerging artist from the school. Mr Kennedy will return to present this award at the end of the year. Mr Kennedy then gave an emotional speech and thanking board members, PTA, staff and students for his 4 years in the school.

The afternoon was rounded off in light hearted fashion with a Key Stage 4 performance. They recounted tales from Mr Kennedy's past including his time spent working in a pea factory and his days as a rock star. The final performance came from A-Level students who performed an alternative life of Martin Kennedy, imagining that he had been a Spanish bullfighter instead of a teacher.

We wish Mr Kennedy all the best in the future and will miss him very much.

2016 Zwe Lespwar

For the first time VISP students participated in the bi-annual Zwe Lespwar sports competitions. The best athletes in the school were selected to represent us in 3 sports; table tennis, athletics and swimming.

On day 1 of the games, Noah Labuschagne swam well to come in 4th place in the 50m breaststroke. It was a photo finish between places 2 to 4.

Meanwhile in the sports hall next door Stephania Hetimier and Aurelien Quatre competed in the doubles table tennis. After losing to English River and Plaisance, they beat Beau Vallon to eventually finish 3rd in their group and tied for 5th place overall.

On the second day, focus shifted to the athletics track where Stephania Hetimier came 8th in the girls shot putt and Joshua Confait came 5th in the boys shot putt.

The final day of competition for VISP saw Aurelien and Stephania participate in the table tennis singles, this time joined by Eva Le Gac and Mateo Le Bihan. Mateo and Stephania reached the quarter finals before being knocked out in close contests.

We look forward to seeing how VISP athletes get on when Zwe Lespwar next comes around in 2 years time.

VISP students attend RSC performance of Hamlet

On the final Sunday of January, several upper school students and staff benefited from an exciting opportunity to see The Globe’s ‘Globe to Globe’ production of ‘Hamlet’ on Mahe. The cast were on their final leg of their ambitious two-year project to take the performance to every country in the world.
The production was a massive success with the students and the acting, stage setting and use of sound were all commented upon as being outstanding. It was an opportunity not just to see a professional Shakespeare performance live, but also a fantastic and valuable cultural experience.
A brilliant performance and a wonderful day!

For more information on the project and performance please visit: 

Sports Day

The 2015 VISP annual Sports Day took place at the Baie St Anne field on Friday 27th April and saw the closest contest in the history of the school between Fregate house and Aldabra house.
The field events had been held the day before in school and after those event Aldabra house held a commanding lead in the overall points total. This was in large part due to some outstanding individual performances with Noah Labuschagne, Benny Lesperance, Dorian Le Bihan and Christine Mothee all setting new school records for the Aldabra house.
The track events were closely contested and began with the Obstacle courses and races for the Early Years. As ever, these events were big crowd pleasers with students, staff and parents all enthralled with the proceedings. 
These events were followed by the more formal track events which were dominated by Fregate house. Again a number of school records were broken, most notably by Marvin Rose, Jahnila Brioche, Perry Pointe, Amanda Esther, Rona Pirame, Praveen Padayachy and the secondary boys relay team. This meant that despite the big Aldabra lead on day one, Fregate were slowly able to close the gap throughout the day, eventually winning by an amazingly low margin of 5 points. The winners were announced and received their traditional lap of honour.
The big finale was of course the much anticipated teachers versus students relay race. The students dream team of Stefano Leon, Praveen Padayachy, Benny Lesperance and Lorenzo Bossy secured a commanding victory against the 2 teachers teams, despite the valiant efforts of Mr Fiddy who closed the gap in the closing meters. 
17 of our most successful students were selected to represent the school at the La Digue National Championship Heats held on the 17th April. A report on this event will follow.