FrancophONe event featuring Carole bouquet

​​Pour l’occasion, les classes 10, 11, 12 et 13 (Littérature Française) s’étaient assidûment préparées et les parents des élèves participants – ainsi que la communauté francophone et francophile de l’île de Praslin – étaient tous conviés à cet événement exceptionnel.

Les lycéennes des classes 12 et 13 qui étudient le français en tant que Littérature Française cette année pour leur Bac ont joué un rôle-clef dans le bon déroulement de cette après-midi francophone. Alison, Aliza, Anya, Sabine et Vanilla avaient alors revêtu leur tenue d’hôtesse événementiel. Elles ont accueilli élèves et parents, distribué les programmes, puis dôtées de calpins et prêtes à poser des questions pointues à leur invitée, ont d’abord laissé la parole à Mme Carole Bouquet.

Après une courte allocution de Mme Carole Bouquet: courte, mais non des moindres car elle a fait son effet, les élèves l’ayant écoutée de toutes leurs oreilles, Carole – comme elle aimait qu’on l’appelle – passa son tour à la classe 10. Les élèves lui firent alors une présentation en français de leur école, suivie d’une brève présentation de leur pays, les Seychelles. Après ces prises de paroles par des Year 10 qui se sont faits un peu taquiner – gentiment bien sûr – par Mme Bouquet pour leur manque de spontanéité et de jeu d’acteur, certains élèves de la classe 10 ont posé des questions qu’ils avaient préparées à Mme Bouquet. S’est alors suivie une session de Q&A fascinante pour les spectateurs présents dans la salle. La classe 11 a ensuite eu un temps de parole et a choisi de poser des questions à l’actrice française en lien avec les films français qu’ils ont vus durant leurs études de français.

Puis, les lycéennes étudiantes en Littérature Française ont eu l’opportunité d’exposer à Mme Bouquet les trois oeuvres littéraires qu’elles étudiaient cette année. Elles ont ensuite montré aux spectateurs un extrait de la pièce de théâtre “Bérénice” et du film “Mauvaise fille” dans lesquels Mme Bouquet joue un rôle majeur. Les étudiantes se sont alors focalisées sur les thèmes des oeuvres qu’elles ont étudiés en classe mais également tous les films de Mme Bouquet qu’elles ont vus. Cela a donné une session de Q&A vibrante et acerbe avec des question de style journalistique  très pertinentes où se mêlèrent arts, littérature, théâtre et cinématographie. Finalement, Melle Salmi a donné la parole aux parents francophone et francophiles de la sale dans une session de Q&A tout public qui leur a permis de poser leurs questions à une Carole toujours aussi disponible et radieuse malgré deux heures d’interrogations successives!

Pour conclure, cet événement francophone a été une énorme réussite. Quelle joie de recevoir Carole Bouquet à VISP! Cela a été pour les élèves comme pour leur professeur de français une véritable source d’inspiration. Comme les élèves l’ont si joliment dit dans leur carte “faite maison” à Carole, ils espèrent très vite revoir Carole Bouquet “dans un film ou en vrai”!

Remembering Rocco 12 months on

On 10th October 2015 the school lost one of our first and most loved students, Rocco Lesperance. One year on, the school has marked the anniversary of his passing with a short remembrance ceremony and the unveiling of a bench which has been located under the tree which symbolises our school.

All of the Secondary and Sixth Form were in attendance and we heard speeches about Rocco from Head Girl Alyssa Payet, Sixth Former Zoe Rose and from Mr And Mrs Cross his form tutors. Y11, Rocco's tutor group delivered a short poem dedicated to Rocco. 

We were grateful that Rocco's mother and former Chair of the PTA Lesley was in attendance and was unable to unveil the magnificent new bench dedicated to him. 

We well always remember Rocco, an important and well loved student of VISP who deserves never to be forgotten by this school.


World book day 2017 

On Thursday 2nd March, Vijay International School Praslin celebrated World Book Day. Students came to school dressed as their favourite book character or word and participated in several activities designed to promote reading and literacy throughout the day. There were shared reads, a fancy dress parade, spelling bee competitions, speeches from local writers and other exciting challenges planned throughout the day. The day was also celebrated with a special whole-school assembly where the staff team performed ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and various prizes and certificates were awarded to those who had demonstrated excellent reading throughout the school.

The Sarah Morgan reading prizes were awarded to Emma Labuschagne (Juniors) and Giridaran Savariradjou (Secondary) with the Martin Kennedy Arts Award going to Brigitte DC Lablache (Sixth Form) for her performance in Wuthering Heights. 

Celebrations for World Book day continued into the evening as VISP hosted a ‘Books and Blankets’ evening, open to the local community. Children who attended were invited to chose reading rooms to visit, where staff and parent volunteers were on hand to read their favourite short stories and book excepts to the children. This was held in the cosy ambience of lamplight and students were invited to bring along their own cushions and blankets. Face-painting, a build-a-bookmark station and food stalls were also available.


junior production 'blast from the past'

Our Junior Production 'Blast from the past!' was held on 21st June 2017 - Four elderly friends take a journey in a time machine back through the ages to experience music and important events from history. Elvis, The Beatles, The Monkees in 1960s, Tina Turner, Abba, Bob Marley, Queen and Dolly Parton in 1970s, Michael Jackson, Wham and Ghostbusters in 1980s and Madonna, Simple Minds, Backstreet Boys, The Spice Girls, Fresh Prince, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer in 1990s. Topped off with a quick trip to 2000s for some Rihanna and Black Eyed Peas! Amazing singing, choreography and acting from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 with a couple of very special cameos from staff members! A night to remember!

The Ellen Sports Hall Opens​ - Press Release

​The Vijay International School official opened it's new sports facility, The Ellen Hall on Friday 2nd December. The hall, which is unique on Praslin, has a versatile playing surface of over 500 metres square, easily big enough for a full basketball or netball match or could be used to host a performance or exhibition for the school.

The opening was attended by all students and staff from the school, along with board members and parents. The main sponsor, Mr Frederick Labuschagne had the joint honour of cutting the ribbon with the school's patron Mr Vijay Patel. The project was completed without the use of any school funds and both Mr Labuschagne and Mr Patel were instrumental in ensuring the completion of this privately funded project alongside Mrs Sybille Cardon and Mr Peter Pomeroy.

Headteacher Mr Howell commented in his welcoming speech that  'this was an amazing day for the school and the island of Praslin to see the completion of such a versatile and wonderful venue.' Head Girl Alyssa Payet and Head Boy Stefano Leon commented on the impact that this new facility will have non the wider curriculum and the school's ability to offer quality sports and drama provision.

The school then hosted visitors ISS in a range of sporting challenges to showcase the new venue. The two schools competed in friendly games of badminton, table tennis, basketball and dodgeball throughout the day.

On Monday 5th December the school sixth form will perform the classic Wuthering Heights an tickets are still available from the school. The school also hosts an adult badminton league on Monday night's and fitness classes. Members of the public wishing to join these classes should contact Director of Sport Mr Fiddy on Ellen Sports Hall Opens


Inner island spelling bee

12 students from VISP took part in the Inner Island Spelling Bee competition in 4 teams. Whilst 2 teams were knocked out in the early rounds, 2 teams progressed to the final. This meant that the final was an all VISP affair with Jan, Calvin and Serge beating Rona, Ronel and Thierry to the title of Inner Island Spelling Champions

early childhood production

​On Monday the 27th of March all the children in the Early Childhood & KS1 sections performed a production of The Wolf and The Enormous Turnip. The children put on their amazing and beautiful costumes and put their heart and soul into their performance. All who came to watch the performance were impressed by the confidence the children displayed and their lovely singing. Well done kids you were all stars! The money raised will be used for KS1 and EC in the future. Thank you to all who supported the production.

national day inter school quiz

​​As part of Seychelles National Day celebrations, 6 students from VISP took part in a quiz based on the Constitution of Seychelles on 23rd June. Laurent, Russel and Camilla made up our primary team. They showed great effort and after some tricky questions they narrowly missed out on third place by 1 point! Our secondary team showed amazing determination and great knowledge, this time there was no close call, they were well ahead of their rivals and came 1st. Perry, Rona and Trisha did fantastic, Trisha even won an extra prize for highest scorer!

Phin and Noah visit state house

To commemorate World Environment Day 2017, 2 students from VISP were fortunate enough to visit State House on 5th June. The President invited 2 students from each secondary school in Seychelles to spend a morning at State House, celebrating the Seychelles natural environment.

Noah and Phin were selected to attend thanks to their years of contribution to the Vallee de Mai club. 

The morning consisted of speeches from those involved in environmental protection and culminated in the boys helping the President to plant a Coco de Mer in the gardens of State House. 

2016 PTA Halloween Fair

The always excellent PTA Halloween Fair took place on Saturday 29th October and attracted a huge number of patrons including students and parents of the school. Visitors enjoyed a huge range of food and drinks stalls as well as many games and activities for adults and children. 

The haunted house was, as ever, a real crowd pleaser as Year 9 and Miss Leedham entertain first the Junior children and then the Secondary ones with their very scary 'Circus of Horrors' show. 

The evening was a success both in terms of entertainment but also finanically, with over SR55,000 raised for on the evening. This will all go towards the new changing room and shower building, due for construction shortly.

A huge thanks to the PTA for their hard work and efforts in arranging the event and to all of our sponsors for their kind support. See you next year!


Presidential visit to visp

The entire VISP community was honoured to welcome Mr President Danny Faure to the school on 1st June 2017. His visit coincided with International Children's Day and we were delighted to receive a gifts from the President which will support the education of many children in school. 

The President was given a tour by Mr Howell and visited a number of lessons. He began with a visit to a Year 10 Maths lesson. He then spent some time in a Year 4 lesson, taking part in carpet time with the class, before moving on to join a creative Year 2 lesson. He finished the tour with a visit to the Sports Hall, joining a Y8 Badminton lesson. 

It was a pleasure to welcome the President and his team to VISP, we hope they visit again soon.

​Photographs courtesy of State House

Vijay International School, Baie St Anne, Praslin, Seychelles

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June 2016 exam results

​Students from Vijay International School, Praslin, celebrated their AS-Level results this week as the outcomes of the June 2016 examinations were published. Alyssa Payet was the best performing student achieving A grades in Biology, English Language and English Literature and a B grade in Chemistry. Several other students also achieved high marks including Candice Harter, Zoe Rose and Anya Chang-Time.  Overall, the school's results were outstanding, with 93% of exams passed. This compares with a UK average of 89% pass rate for AS-Levels.

This is the first time that AS-Levels have been taken on Praslin, as students previously had to travel to Mahe for post-secondary studies, separating them from the vital support they receive at home. This additional support is an important component of post-secondary studies and this first batch of VISP AS-Level results indicates the advantages which are to be gained through having this home support.

Headteacher Mark Howell commented 'These results will open doors for our students, allowing them to apply for courses such as medicine and architecture at some of the best Universities in the world. It is great news for young people and families on Praslin that they can now recieve such high quality post-secondary education on their home island.'

IGCSE students also received their results and again were rewarded for all of their hard work. 100% of students in S5 secured the 5A* - C grade benchmark, meaning that the school has now achieved this 'gold standard' of IGCSE grades for two consecutive years. UK schools on average achieve 65% of students reaching this benchmark and therefore to achieve 100% in 2 consecutive years is an amazing accomplishment. The best individual performance from a student was Chloe Morel who scored 564 points under the Cambridge IGCSE points scoring system.

All of these S5 students will now progress on to study A-Levels at VISP beginning in September. Post-secondary places are still available and enrolment for both IGCSE and A-Level classes is taking place now. Please email headteacher Mark Howell at for any further details. 


Wuthering heights

​On Monday 5th December, sixth form students from Vijay International School performed in a play-version of Emily Bronte’s ‘Wuthering Heights’. Students rehearsed tirelessly on weekends and evenings for several weeks and had a great many lines to learn, but the show was a resounding success with fantastic performances from all. 

Every member of the sixth form group were involved in the production in some way, be it with an acting part or helping with tickets and drinks on the evening. Stefano Leon played Heathcliff, Brigitte DC Lablache was Catherine Earnshaw and Nelly Dean was played by Chloe Morel. The evening saw some fantastic acting and we couldn’t be prouder of our students. 

The production was the first to be staged in our new sports hall and whilst the set was challenging, we are sure you’ll agree it looked great. 

 A massive congratulations and thanks to everyone involved and everyone who came along to help support us in some way.


2017 Graduation - press release

Students from Vijay International School Praslin celebrated the completion of their exams in style this week with a wonderful graduation event held at Le Duc Hotel. Just under 100 staff members, students and family members attended the 4th IGCSE graduation for the school and expectations are high as a result of improving results at the school year after year.  It was also a landmark event as for the first time A-Level students have graduated from the school, not only the first post-secondary cohort from VISP but the first time ever that students have been able to complete A-Level studies in any institution on Seychelles second island.

Headteacher, Mr Mark Howell opened the evening by thanking board members, staff and Mr Vijay Patel for helping the school and it's students to realise this ambition. He went on to thank parents for their trust in the school and wished the students good luck for the publication of their results in August.

In his speech, Mr Cross, Head of Sixth Form, paid tribute to the hard work and dedication of the A-Level students and wished them all the best for the future. That future looks bright with the majority of VISP A-Level students having received University offers, some in Seychelles but many overseas, and in subjects ranging from architecture to medicine.

Mr Patel closed the evening with an inspiring speech for the students asking them to pursue what they enjoy, are talented at and that they must ensure that they continue to contribute to the Seychelles community in the future.

Full gallery of photos in the Sixth Form and Secondary sections of the website.

Vallee de mai club marches

Recently the Vallee de Mai club has participated in two marches in support of our environment.

The first was to celebrate biodiversity day and our theme was 'protecting  the endemic birds of the Seychelles'.  The children created bird masks and presented information on the 12 endemic species.

The second was the Annual march on Praslin to celebrate Environment day when various participants gather in protest against the poaching that occurs in the Vallee de Mai.  We marched from Cote D'Or to Baie Ste Anne and presented our poem in support of the Coco de Mer.

In each activity the children represented our school with pride.Their enthusiasm and commitment to protecting their environment does them great credit.

SACos national swimming championships 2017

​The VISP swimming team produced their best ever medal haul in the SACOS National Schools Swimming Championships on Friday 31st March with an outstanding 10 medals during the day!

The swimmers competed hard in a highly competitive event, with many achieving personal best times. The team achieved 5 bronze medals, 4 silver and a stunning gold for Isabelle Labuschagne in the girls’ 50m freestyle. The team consisted of Luke Burian, Bianca Brunlinger, Emily Vanacore, Emma Labuschagne, Isabelle Labuschagne, Victoria Rouillon, Daniel Drotsky, Russell Payet, Mikael Karlsen, Phin Samraj, Noah Labuschagne, Abigail Labuschagne and Charlotte Vanacore. The students not only performed superbly in the water, but also maintained a fantastic sense of respect and sportspersonhip throughout the championships. They were a real credit to the school.


Travel and tourism fashion show - Press Release

​​On Saturday the 14th January 2017 A-Level Travel and Tourism students from Vijay International School Praslin, supported by their course teacher Mr Craig Neilson, ran a highly successful fashion show at Constance Lemuria. Chloe Morel and Sabine Payet (aged 17 and 18) are currently working towards their AS-Level exams and organised a Travel and Tourism event as part of their coursework.

The event took place at the luxurious Presidential Villa and featured a cocktail and canapé reception in the main villa reception lounge with entertainment provided by an acoustic guitarist and vocalist, Jean-Philip Delpech. 50 guests were then treated to a hour-long fashion show on the private beach by models wearing clothes, jewellery and make up generously provided by local Seychellois designers such as Jouel, Splash, Kreolor, Michael Anphey, Vipera, Quatre Espice and Petites Folies. The evening was a huge success and great thanks go out to Mr and Mrs Le Gac and Hendrick at Constance Lemuria and all of those involved in organising and supporting this superb local event.


VISP eco-warriors

The School Council at VISP launched a ‘recycling challenge’ for students, parents, staff and the local community to take part in. The 3 houses have been competing for the past seven weeks to bring the most recyclable items (P.E.T. bottles and aluminium soda/beer cans). 

​What was initially a school challenge designed to push the school community to separate their rubbish and recycle plastic bottles and cans, eventually turned into an uncontrollable frenzy that left the Aldabra, Fregate and Desroches recycling bins overflowing with on average 1000 recyclable items weekly! This is a great achievement for a school of 230 enrolled students.

What next? All of V.I.S.P.’s recyclable items are collected weekly by Mr Buddy Hertel who cleans them, cuts off their labels and separates them at the Praslin Redeem Centre. These recyclables are then sent to Mahé to be processed in the Providence plant. The Harini company, who are the only exporter of P.E.T. bottles from the country in Seychelles, then shreds them for export to China. 

​The recycling challenge may now be over, but the good habits will remain. Let’s all do our bit for the environment and reduce, reuse and recycle!


Sports day 2017

​Friday 10th March was the date for the annual VISP Sports Day, this year sadly without the usual Reception 1 and 2 events which will be hosted later in the term.

As is traditional, the long jump had been held earlier in the week and saw new school records set by Amana Esther, Marvin Rose, Perry Pointe, Niclas Wenisch and Praveen Padayachy.

The programme began with the Year 1 and 2 track events alongside the shot putt and high jump events for juniors and secondary. Stephania Hetimier and Charlotte Vanacore set new shot putt records whilst Perry, Charlotte and Praveen all set new school bests in the high jump. The overall scores were close between Fregate and Aldabra heading into the junior and secondary track programme.

The scores remained close for most of the day as new records were set for Fregate students including Vanilla-Lou Labiche, Stefano Leon and Naida Stravens in track events. Aldabra countered with new bests for Hlo Moyo and Noah Labuschagne. Scores were therefore almost tied between these 2 houses heading in the relay events.

The relays were dominated by Aldabra, winning 4 out of 6 and winning sports day by 10 points, taking a second title in a row. 

Vijay International School Praslin

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